About HWH Arunabbh

Hello everyone and welcome to healthywealthyhuman.in website. Healthy Wealthy Human is an Initiative to Motivate and Help all the people to live a Healthy and Wealthy Life. I have been living a healthy life with my weight being constant [varies only half a pound during seasonal changes] for the past 20 years and have never been to any Medical practitioner/doctor since 21 years of my age. I have been earning online income since the year 2012 and have now taken retirement from all kinds of jobs at the age of 40 years in 2019.

A Little Story of HWH Arunabbh

Born and brought up in India, I have always been a Vegan and healthy food along with Yoga has been a daily routine for me since childhood. After I started with my first job at the age of 19 years, I always had a dream about being the boss to myself.

Totally frustrated and overloaded with 9 to 5 jobs, I was always searching for earning money through the Internet.

In 2010, I started with online tradings and their Affiliate program promotions as a side business. But in a span of another 2 years, I didn’t find it to be a rewarding industry in exchange for the time, money and risk that I was putting up with. Meantime, I developed an interest in E-Commerce websites that were offering their Affiliate programs. Yes, this proved to be much safe and logistically closer to the truth. The customer selects a product, whether Digital or Physical, buys it and I earn the commissions.

Thereafter, 2012, I never looked back and promoted E-Commerce sites and as my basic nature of being closer to Truth and Sincerity, I have always promoted the best products in any Niche. I have been My “Boss” since 2012 and have been earning online from my own desired places. I have traveled across Asia and Europe, both for Leisure and Professional trips.

Now Wanna Change the Game…..

Now the time has come to Pass On the knowledge, skills and selective products to people all across the world, so that everyone who prefers, could live a Healthy & Wealthy Life.

What You Sow, So Shall You Reap…

You CANNOT be Healthy if you don’t want to be. In simple words, in order to be Healthy, you have to be strict with your Dietary plans and Workouts. You have to take sincere Action and “No Dreams allowed”. In the same context, if you want to be Wealthy, you will have to take action. Explore and devote Time, Money and Work online. Remember, there is no “Quick Rich Scheme overnight” available on this planet Earth except Lotteries.

All the best,

Happy HWH Arunabbh